Commercial Services

Our commercial services offer similar benefits as our residential services, but we also work with your business’s schedule.

Stellar Upholstery offers 24 hour services where we can either remove the items which needs to be reupholstered and return them in a quick manner with minimal interference with your schedule, and after hours upholstery cleaning services during times where cleaning and chemical smells would not affect your staff and customers.


Stellar Furniture Center provides discounts for multiple items purchased together from our huge selections of furniture as well as offer furniture typically not found in a residential environment but may be needed in a business environment. Such furniture includes cubicle systems, therapy beds, barber chairs, waiting room and public area seating, room dividers and partitions, bar stools, booths, all weather furniture, storage, and much more. We can also create custom furniture for your business’s needs. You may visit our showroom or contact us to request information regarding any product or service we offer.